The Yard by Alex Grecian – 4 Stars


Shortly after the terrifying events of Jack the Ripper, Detective Walter Day starts his first day with the Scotland Yard. He is put on The Murder Squad, a team of twelve detectives to focus on solving murders. His first assignment? To solve the murder of one of his fellow Murder Squad detectives, Christian Little.

This is the first novel written by Alex Grecian and he did a wonderful job! The book was intriguing and had me wanting to read more and more from the very beginning. If I didn’t have a two year old demanding much of my attention and a day to myself, I’m sure this would have been a one or two sitting read. There were several other story plots happening throughout the book and Grecian seamlessly puts it all together without confusion. And the characterization was impeccable! Each character became important and unforgettable and I don’t think he ever threw in an unnecessary character just for fluff or to take up space.

I will definitely look for Alex Grecian’s sequel and add it to my never ending list of books to read! I think he shows a lot of potential for growth.

I would suggest this book to anyone who is a sucker for mystery novels like myself, and if you’re not, this is a great one to start with if you’re looking for a new and different read.

I rate this book a 4 out of 5 stars!