Hoodie-Hoo Day

Today is Hoodie-Hoo Day! It is a shame that this holiday isn’t widely known. I just learned about it.

Every year on February 20th, you are to go out at high noon and wave your hands above your head, yelling “Hoodie-Hoo!” What is the purpose of this? you ask…

To scare away Winter and make way for Spring!!!!!

It sounds kind of like Groundhog Day, but I like this much better! At the beginning of February, we always look to a groundhog to tell us if Spring will be here in 6 weeks or not. We hardly ever get the answer we want. 😦 How upsetting! But on Hoodie-Hoo Day, regardless if Spring comes soon or not after that, I can feel good knowing I have at least tried to do something about ending the dreariness of Winter. 

So I invite everyone to join me at high noon. Go out and wave your arms and yell “Hoodie-hoo!” Will it work? Maybe. Maybe not. But at least it’ll be fun!


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