A Product I Love: Blinc Mascara

So it’s pretty obvious that I don’t post often. I have made a goal to make a post at least once a week, but if it doesn’t happen, that’s okay too. This is a place for me to share my thoughts with those that are not a year old and who may appreciate what I have to share.

I wear contact lenses and for years, I was always frustrated with the flakes of mascara getting under my lenses, irritating my eyes. I just thought that it was something I’d have to deal with as a girl and makeup wearer. I have a cousin who works at Sephora and she showed me a mascara sample box and suggested I try it for different eyelash looks. So I bought it, hoping for a fantastic look I would love and hoping that it would irritate my eyes less than the drugstore brands. That’s when I discovered Blinc Mascara!

blincmascaraI love, love, LOVE this mascara!!! And if you wear contact lenses and have the same problem I was having with flakes irritating your eyes, then this is the mascara for you! This doesn’t “paint” your lashes, but it “tubes” them. I know, it sounds weird, but it’s really fantastic! It applies water-resistant “tubes” around your lashes, adding length and volume. The tubes bind to your lashes and doesn’t run, smudge, clump, or flake, even if you cry or rub your eyes.

It is also super easy to remove. All you need is warm water and your fingers to remove it. I usually just do this in the shower in the morning. (I am very guilty of not removing my eye makeup before bed). When my face is all wet in the shower, I take my fingers and gently slide the tubes off my eyelashes, literally. I usually did this with all the mascara I wore before to be sure that I had all the paint removed. So when I did this after wearing the Blinc Mascara for the first time, I freaked out because I thought I had pulled off all of my lashes! When I realized it wasn’t my lashes and just the tubes, I fell in love with it even more.

I have never experienced any irritation due to this mascara. At the end of the day, the makeup around my eyes still looks fresh because it doesn’t flake or smudge. I can watch a tear-jerking movie and not worry about ruining my mascara.

You can buy Blinc Mascara at Sephora for $26. It is A LOT more money than I would normally spend on mascara, but it has been worth every cent and I no longer worry about having to make sure I have my contact solution/case and glasses with me wherever I go incase I have to take out my contacts if they get flakes of mascara under them.

Blinc has an eyeliner product that I want to try. The eyeliner binds to the lashes and is also waterproof and smudge proof. Just like the mascara, you just need warm water to remove it. You just peel it off. Sounds interesting…has anyone else tried this eyeliner or mascara?


5 thoughts on “A Product I Love: Blinc Mascara

      • I’m sorry it didn’t work for you. Are you wanting a more natural feel when applying mascara? I have a friend who uses vaseline on her eyelashes for that reason. She just takes an old mascara wand that has been washed and applies it with that. Anyways, I know what works for me doesn’t always work for other people. Thanks for letting me know how it worked (or didn’t) work for you. 🙂

      • Nono I don’t really care about the feeling per se, I’m just looking for a product somewhere (anywhere!) that will make my eyelashes NO longer be as straight as sticks. 🙂 Hah! I loved the product review. Thanks!

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